June 7, 2012

Kitchen tools we love...

Corn Stripper.
OXO's ® corn striper not only zips corn smoothly off the cob, it neatly collects the results. Very simple to use, just push the stripper the length of the cob, rotating until all kernels have been removed. It has a soft, non-slip grip cushions hands during use; stainless steel blades

Top-rack dishwasher-safe
Dimensions: 2.75"Wx4.75"Dx2.5"H

Butter Spreader.
This butter spreader is design in stainless steel with an ergonomic curved shape to butter hot corn on the cob. Al you have to do its insert butter into the spreader, press the pusher, and butter spreads smoothly across the cob without the mess.

It contains a cover to keep remaining butter in the refrigerator until next time.

Dimensions: 1.75"sq.x3"H

Water Knife Sharpener
The Water Knife Sharpener is an amazing three-stage ceramic sharpener that puts a razor edge on dual-sided blades. 

Moscardino -Sporks
This contemporary design of a spork, the nicknamed for spoon-and-forks, are useful for hors d'oeuvres, picnics, or dining on-the-go.
100% biodegradable corn-based plastic.
Hand-wash only. 

Index Advance Chopping Boards
These four color-coded chopping boards are stored in a gunmetal-colored ABS plastic horizontal filing unit with a non-slip rubber bottom. With non-slip, grips are designed to avoid cross-contamination of various food types.
The boards Boards are dishwasher-safe.

Hand-wash case.
Kapoosh Stainless Steel Knife Block
For all knives, Kapoosh Stainless Steel Knife Block is versatile and can hold them all!
Dimention: 7 1/4" W x 10 3/4" L x 12 3/4" H.
Dishwasher safe.

Voile Spaghetti Measure
Voile measures spaghetti for one, two, or five portions.
18/10 stainless steel.
Hand-wash only.

Steel Pop Containers
Made by OXO these attractive space-saving transparent containers have stainless-steel lids with airtight seals for storing food. Pressing the button locks and unlocks the containers.
 Hand-wash only.

 Get back to coffee-brewing basics with the Chemex classic. Engineering in wood and glass produces pure drip coffee with less bitterness. Polished wood color with insulating leather tie is removable for cleaning. May also be used for tea, iced coffee and beverage infusions.
Lab-quality glass and wood safety collar with leather tie
Not for microwave, oven or stovetop use

Cuisinart® EasyPop™ Popcorn Maker - Red
Homemade Popcorn made it easier with the Cuisinart® EasyPop™ electric popcorn maker! All you have to do it is add the corn, oil, and salt.  The top can be can be flipped over and be used as a serving bowl. Bowl, lid and popping plate are all dishwasher safe.
Dimensions: 9.84" x 7.87" x 12.40". 

by Juliana Schiffer

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