October 31, 2011

The Zen way to live...

The simple living has traditions that stretch back to the Orient.

When it comes to lifestyle, “Zen” is often jumbled by sleek pieces of furniture, water fountains, and soft music on background; witch can be stumble across on all major luxurious SPAs throughout the world.

By ToshiyukiTanisen

The Zen way to live it’s about one’s interpretation, and how that translates into day-to-day wellbeing. Whether the space you live in, states quietness and balance, or it’s simply a warm and cozy place to rest,  if a pleasant atmosphere is delivered, you have found your own Zen way to live.

by ToshiyukiTanisen
For some, a lavish style including ample open spaces and designers’ furniture pieces is essential. For others, scarcely display of simplicity and the ability of living with the least imaginable number of items is sufficient.
Que Chair by Christel ​Hadiwibawa
Zen Style can also be expressed by the choices of modest furniture, organic forms, and humble materials typically sourced from nature.

Enignum III Chair, Joseph Walsh
The definition of the word Zen is from the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word Chán (), which can be approximately translated as "meditation" or "meditative state."

Kairo Chair for Riva 1920

Zen emphasizes experiential wisdom in the achievement of information, emphasizes theoretical knowledge in favor of direct self-realization through meditation and dharma practice.

by Joseph Walsh
Enignum canopy bed by Joseph Walsh 

The establishment of the Zen School is credited to the South Indian Pallava prince-turned-monk Bodhidharma, who came to China during the rise of Tamil Buddhism in Tamilakam to teach a "special transmission outside scriptures, not founded on words or letters." 

by Donna K

Thus, through Zen Wisdom was passed, not through words or concepts, but through an ancestry of one-to-one direct transmission of experience from teacher to student.

by Olivier Dolle 

Pikk Chair by Dror Benshetrits 

Cóm-oda Folding Chairs by Mr. Simon

Cóm-oda Folding Chairs by Mr. Simon

Pine Sculptures by Jae Hyo Lee
by Chua Har Lee

Loopita -Victor Aleman  

 Fruit Bowl

by Henriette W. Leth 

QUARK Coffee Table by Emmanuel Babled