November 19, 2011

When did the “As Legitimas Havaianas” became “Las Originales Brasileiras”

When did the “As Legitimas Havaianas” became “Las Originales Brasileiras”

During my backpacking trip to Europe this summer, I walked my "melissinha" to the core; literally, until I couldn’t walk anymore and then “las legitimas brasileiras” saved my life.

Duomo in Milan

 Museum Del Prado in Madrid

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Cath├ędrale Sainte-Marie-Majeure de Marseille

English Way in Nice

Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

Louvre Museum in Paris


Two weeks of none stop walking. My footwear choice was the zig zag Melissinha by the Campana Brothers because they are very light weight and incredibly comfortable, and its little perforations are perfect for the summer time.

So after walking for hours enjoying the most incredible views and sensational sites of Barcelona, Spain, my first stop, I manage to get myself a double blister on my second alien toe...I will explain, my feet are long and skinny and so are my toes, so they got a cute nickname of “alien toes” I wasn’t particularly trilled about the nickname, but obviously the ones you don’t like are the ones that stick. I got used to, and now I even think it’s funny.

Double blister is basically a blister inside a blister...the only difference is it hurts in double, much more than a regular blister. I didn't know that it was even possible, well it is, I would love to post a picture but, I don’t want to frighten my followers…not attractive at all.

So there I was, at gorgeous Barcelona but I couldn’t walk anymore because of the pain, it was very late and everything was pretty much closed and the only place open was a charming minimarket that sells everything you need. I saw sandals hanging on the wall from a distance and my outmost deep feeling of happiness told me “yiipi yiipi havaianas”, perfect! 

I am jumping around on my blister… I have heard that Havaiana sandals were big in Europe. I thought that they were the legitimas havaianas, they were identical, I would call them twin sisters…”las originales brazileiras”, even had the little Brazilian flag, instead of “as legitimas havaianas” the slogan imprinted on each sole, it was “las originales brasileiras”. 

At that point, I was in so much pain that I could not care less for the bottom of the sandals, all I needed was to be able to walk. I just wanted comfort, and las originales did just that.

I guess that is when the "as legitimas havaianas" became "las originales brasileiras”

Havaianas have always been part of my adventures, Diamond Head Oahu, Hawaii 2009. 

Got to love your havaianas!!!
You never forget your first...