September 30, 2011

Color of the month...the royal peacock

The colors of the peacock feather continue to be an inspiration. The exquisiteness range of color palette of the peacock feather changes giving the angled they are perceived.

The iridescence color produced by tiny reflective crystal on the peacock's tail attracts not only potential mates but also the eyes of the color enthusiastic such as; designers, artists, and animal lovers.
From the coolest of blues and greens to warmest gold, bronze or brown is there really a specific color? 
The one common component of the color schemes inspired by this majestic bird is the so popular Peacock Blue. The term "Peacock Blue" has been used to label a range of colors in the blue-green family not definite.  
Some more blue...others more green...

 So let your eyes define your peacock color...

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September 27, 2011

Big Wave

Nature inspired sink and faucet combination, expresses waves contour of the ocean in a unique playful way.
 Contemporary and yet whimsical this unit is not only charming but practical by incorporating both faucet and sink saving space in one element… the smart way to go.
The continuous lines of this new product is by Joel Roberts Bucks is promising and absolutely stunning.
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