March 7, 2012

Our love story has a GE profile

this is how it went down....

so we were almost finished with our kitchen remodeling, but have decided to wait a couple of months to  get  the new range...I went to a lunch and learn for work and I told Julien I would not be done until 1:30 maybe later then that ...he kept asking me to go to places for him...pan Dutch for cold cuts and then to Publix for milk, and I had told him I would be helping my Designer friend Cinda with some possibly wouldn't be home until 3:00pm...

so...I get home and he asks me to take the groceries to the kitchen... I walk into the kitchen and all I see is the most beautiful flower arrangement on top of the range...and my reaction was OMG its beautiful is it for me? 

meanwhile I didn't even realized that he had bought the new range and it was right in front of I looked again and I notice the new range, it was gorgeous and it was exactly the one he wanted and I was very excited, but I still didn't understand the flower arrangement at all...

so I approached the flowers one more time and the little card said “I love you Look inside” so I opened the first oven and it was empty ...
I was a little confused, I open the second oven and I found a frozen chicken, a piece of steak, hot dogs, and on top of everything a little clear box with a gorgeous  engagement ring...

and then... all know what happens next :))

I love to eat, Julien loves to cook, this special  moment, captures the essence of us, reflecting who we are…
Very creative and totally unexpected !

Juliana Schiffer - Interior Designer, passionate about food & Julien Craan - Software Engineer, passionate about cooking.

Miami FL
March 01 , 2012


  1. Congratulations Newlyweds! This recipe definately works!;)

  2. Thank you girls!! We are very happy!!